3. Managing Files and Directories

The command line offers you great flexibility in creating, copying, moving and editing files and directories, as this chapter shows.

Contents of this chapter:

  • cd (change directory)
  • chgrp (change group ownership)
  • chmod (change file permissions)
  • chown (change file ownership)
  • cp (copy files and directories)
  • dd (write data to devices)
  • find (search for files)
  • ln (make links between files)
  • locate (find files by name)
  • mkdir (create a directory)
  • mount (mount file systems)
  • mv (rename files)
  • rm (remove files or directories)
  • rmdir (remove empty directories)
  • shred (delete a file securely)
  • touch (change file timestamps)
  • umount (unmount file systems)